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I’m a professional artist living and working in Fish Hoek, a suburb of Cape Town in South Africa.
I work mainly in oils and watercolours, with a focus on portraits, maritime scenes and buildings.
I’m also a retired Naval Captain, so the majority of my work has a naval theme… ships, the sea and naval personalities.

Here is a selection of my work for you to enjoy… There are 5 galleries; Maritime Art, Portraits, Buildings, Miscellaneous and Prints. Click on the page links above or to the right, the thumbnails or text below to go directly to the selected gallery.

Please consider the paintings and bear in mind the accessibility of commissioned art for your business or personal enjoyment and investment. I have painted works for boardrooms, corporate calendars and as gifts for retirements, appointments and other special occasions.

NEW!!! Prints of some of my Maritime paintings are now available. Please have a look at the Prints Gallery for details.

I’m also represented at Fine Art America. Please check out my site there by following the link below.

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  1. Hello Captain

    I was privileged to receive a print of the Daphne painting as a gift from the HUB wardroom on my departure,many years ago.
    Unfortunately various moves and heavy handed personnel have essentially damaged the print beyond repair.

    I wish to enquire if there are still any prints available so I can replace my original.

    I am most impressed with the paintings of Joe Johnson and Podge Harrison. What would be the procedure for commisioning paintings of 2 good friends, – Andre de Wet and Francois Roux.

    Best Regards and my thanks in advance.

    Franz M. Jackel (ex LT SAS EHB)

    • Hi Franz,
      It depends on which print you mean… I still have Navy 75 prints available at R100.00 each. The 1st Day Cover DAPHNE prints are all gone.

      Regarding commissions, no problem. Cost is dependent on medium (oil or watercolour) and size (bigger is more expensive).
      If you let me know what sort of budget you have in mind I can give you quotes. I’ll need good photos of Andre & Francois and then they will take about 2-3 weeks each to do the paintings.



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